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Aquatic First Aid Course report

On Saturday, 20 January, 2024 the Long Shed in Woodbridge, Suffolk was the setting for a day-long course in aquatic first aid. Organised by the East Coast Gaffers, the course was led by Ralda Rogers of RCR Services.

15 Gaffers, three 5th Woodbridge Sea Scout leaders and the Waldringfield Boatyard Manager spent the day learning first aid, with a particular application for nautical situations. Many of the attendees had experienced first aid training before, but it’s always good to have a refresher. There were opportunities for hands-on CPR practice, putting a casualty in the recovery position (there is new guidance on this since most people had last done training), applying tourniquets and much more. My main takeaway was how much we need to update our onboard first aid kit!

It was an enjoyable and interactive day. All the participants earned a first aid certificate which is good for three years. In addition to the training, the highlight of the morning break was Jo Masters’ homemade flapjacks. A big shout-out to Yvonne Mitchell for volunteering to be the first casualty of the day and for organising dinner afterwards at the Woodyard, Woodbridge.

The 5th Woodbridge Sea Scouts is an active group based on the waterfront at Woodbridge with around 400 Scouts. The age groups range from 4 year-old Squirrels through to Explorers at 18. The waiting list to join the group is currently sitting at 200.

Report: Jodi Warren
Photos: Paul Masters