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Teamac Paints Gaffling 4.1 Championships 2024

Postponed from 2023 due to inclement weather, the East Coast OGA decided to run the Teamac Championships on the final day of the Bank Holiday Weekend Deben Rally, 27 May, 2024. The morning dawned with strong winds forecast and the race involved sailing downriver against tide and wind from Waldringfield to The Rocks, just above Ramsholt on the River Deben.

A few boats had to depart early, leaving the River Deben to catch the tide south. The rest of the OGA fleet and three Gafflings sailed downriver which made a real spectacle on both the water and on the beach. Gathering at The Rocks provided an excellent ‘grandstand beach veiw’ of the race for competing skippers and crews along with all the spectators.

A figure of eight course was set and the final took place after three heats. First and second prizes, sponsored by Teamac Paints, along with the series awards for the weekend races were awarded afterwards as the tide encroached on an ever-diminishing beach.

Thanks go to Jago for driving the Press launch on Monday when the wind and tide meant taking photos from kayaks would be virtually impossible! Sandy Miller and Beverley Yates went out with Jago to capture the first OGA Gaffling 4.1 Championships on camera.


Heat 1 
‘Suffling’ Joe Farrow & Alec Haig
‘The Shrimp’ Steve Mitchell & Alisdair McKenzie – WINNER
‘Essling’ Jim Jenner & Kris
Heat 2 
‘Suffling’ Jo Masters & Roger 
‘The Shrimp’ Marvin Godfrey & Nick Philips
‘Essling’ Andy Lis & Matt Lis WINNER
Heat 3
‘Suffling’ Shona & Brendan Fairchild
‘The Shrimp’ Matt Lis & Andy Lis – WINNER
‘Essling’ Alec Haig & Joe Farrow
‘Suffling’ Andy Lis & Marvin Godfrey – WINNER
‘The Shrimp’ Steve Mitchell & Alisdair McKennzie – RETIRED
‘Essling’ Matt Lis & Jo Masters – SECOND

Take a look at Sandy’s great photos on Facebook and please send feedback about the sailing experience if you were a skipper or crew.