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EC Gaffers featured boat: ‘Lahloo’ ready for Ramsgate

In May, we’re featuring one of the ‘teenagers’ from the OGA fleet. ‘Lahloo’ was built in Rock, Cornwall in 2012 and has been an OGA member since 2017 when her new skipper, Richard Bailey, joined the Association and entered her for his first East Coast Race. Just in case anyone wonders where the name came from, ‘Lahloo’ was a British Tea Clipper built in 1867, Tea Race winner in 1870 and wrecked on Sandalwood Island in 1872. 

In my short ownership of only six years we have used ‘Lahloo’ for many short East Coast cruises and Mersea Week racing. In 2021 I didn’t haul out till January so was still working on her in March (aloft) when the ‘Essex Serpent’ was being filmed at Mersea. A birds-eye view of the set showed plenty of Old Gaffers (animate and inanimate) on display!

2022 and my commitment to the OGA60 Round Britain Cruise has seen lots of improvements above and below deck, including running backstays and a fridge! So boat, skipper and crew are ready for our biggest voyage ever in ‘Lahloo’ as we depart Ramsgate and set out for our OGA60 adventure.

Richard Bailey, skipper of ‘Lahloo’