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Dutch OGA Anniversary Tour: 3 – 17 August, 2024

This post contains information for UK Gaffers planning their passage across the North Sea as well as the invitation from the Dutch OGA with outline plans of the Tour.

Find out who else is travelling to the Netherlands from the UK and share passage planning here.

Sea report from the Low Lands of Holland to Nelson and his fellow captains and crew

As mentioned before during the OGA 60 Jubilee in Levington the Dutch fleet of De Ruyter is waiting at the low lands of Holland next year to give a warm welcome to admiral Nelson and his l…y sailors. The date of the combat has changed on request of the British East Coast squadron and now the first “festivities” will be in the weekend of 3 August, 2024 in Hellevoetsluis. There we can have our first meeting on the water of the Haringvliet. This river was chosen to give you Brits an easy feeling since you have landed here before so many times (and to avoid Flushing the home town of admiral Michiel de Ruyter).

On the Tuesday the fleet will move north where everyone can choose their own track. One way is outward bound over the North Sea to Ijmuiden. The other is over the canals through what we call the Green Heart of Holland. This is familiar water by sailors that did it in 2014 (but beware of the land troops on the banks). Especially the smaller trailer boats (the scouting fleet?) can take the opportunity to sail on lakes on the way north since they can be transported by the engineers overland and launched anywhere. And there is a possibility during the inland trip to have a stopover in the old town Gouda. The fleet will sail on towards Haarlem where a party with dinner is planned. 

After the stop in Haarlem which is planned for 10 August, 2024 we continue the trip onto the Old Zuidersea. Here there will be a better opportunity to get the sails up again and we plan to visit several old strongholds from our mighty fleet. The final port where we will wave farewell to the assumed scattered and defeated British fleet will be Enkhuizen. As pointed out earlier too, as we are used in “democratic” Holland nothing is definite and everything is open to adjustments (meaning it can be totally different) but the only thing that is confirmed are the dates 3 – 17 August, 2024 and the opening on the Haringvliet at Hellevoetsluis. And of course every boat is free to sail its own course and stay (or hiding when frightened enough by the vigorous Dutch fleet) at any lovely place discovered on the way.

In addition to the official schedule there might be a sailing in company tour organized in the days before 3 August, 2024 for boats that will land in Flushing or at the Roompot. And we want to point out to you that the trip is divided in two parts. So when any boat is scared enough in one week they can choose to enter on 3 August and fly home after Haarlem or enter via Ijmuiden to Haarlem and fight us only on the Zuidersea.

Rik Janssen, deputy of M. de Ruyter / OGANL20 committee

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