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OGA Photography Competition Awards, 2022

Several East Coast OGA members and boats featured in the OGA Photography Competition Awards, 2022 announced at the AGM in January 2023.

First Place, Sailing Gaffers category, Loic Le Marchand
“Crossing the Channel (‘Onward of Ito’)” heading for Brittany, Classic Channel Regatta.
Loic is a Solent Gaffer but ‘Onward’ sails out of Greenwich and her skipper is an East Coast Gaffer.
Judge Sandy Miller’s comments: “This just leapt out at me when I first scrolled through the entries. The overall effect is stunning and it must have been a wonderful moment crossing the channel. I also thought that you couldn’t imagine a better way of showing off a gaff rig than with this perfect silhouette of the lovely Onward of Ito. I can’t imagine anyone seeing this and not wanting to be out on the water.”

Second Place, Sailing Gaffers category, Tony Pickering
“Alberta CK318 & fleet” OGA East coast race 2022.
Judge Sandy Miller’s comments: “The scenes just past Bradwell on the Blackwater at this year’s East Coast Race were so exciting to watch and this picture took me straight back there. ‘Alberta’ is caught beautifully but the compression caused by a longish lens also gives a good impression of a close up scuffle with the other smack, ‘ADC’, the bawley ‘Gladys’, ‘Bluebell’ and ‘Kelpie 2’ in the background. Fantastic action shot.”

Noteworthy photographs
“Firstly, in the Sailing Gaffers category, ‘Back in Time’ (Varuna) by Josh Masters. This is very atmospheric: great light and it captures her traditional look after her rebuild.”
“Secondly, ‘White Sails Grey Sky’ by Paul Masters. I would love to have taken this picture! The elegant ‘Cachalot’ looks such a picture against that beautiful sky.”
And in the Life at Sea category, ‘Concentrate’by Paul Masters. I loved the idea of the sisterly rivalry that brought about this picture of concentration. Very well captured with the Memory looming behind ‘Clytie’.”
” ‘T Time ‘Barbarossa’ by Robert Hart. The grin says it all. It is so well captured. I think this picture makes a great memory of a trip and sums up why we take pictures.”

Find the full results on the Association website.

Thanks go to Sandy Miller for judging the competition.
Visit Sandy’s Photography website.