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Singlehanded Cycling

Well known East Coast Gaffer, Colin ‘Plum’ Stroud shares his experience of carrying a small bicycle on board to allow forays into the local area when moored at a marina.

I started attending OGA events in my little lugsail dinghy in 1995, bought my Heard 23 gaffer ‘Plum’ in 1998 and am still sailing them today at OGA East Coast events. Throughout all those years, for over 90% of the time, I have sailed singlehanded. Another of my pleasures, when visiting a marina somewhere, is to go for a bicycle ride on my folding Brompton bike that I keep on board ‘Plum’.

Finding space to stow a bicycle on a small boat is a challenge but the super compact folded package of a Brompton bike that is, in my opinion, one of the best folding bikes to ride too, makes it perfect. Yes, they are expensive, but with a bit of perseverance you will find a second hand one which, even though you will be very lucky to find one for under £500, will be a good investment as they are very durable and hold their value very well. Even my 35-year-old one is still performing well and will be snapped up if I ever want to sell it.