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OGA Jubilee Party sponsors: Teamac Marine

Teal & Mackrill Limited are sponsors to the OGA 60 Jubilee Party on the East Coast in 2023. Read on for some background about the company and their products with pictures of two recent restorations utilising Teamac Paints.

Teal and Mackrill have over 100 years’ experience manufacturing and supplying marine paints, they combine this experience with modern materials and technology, developing paints that are long lasting, easy to use and have the exceptional finish that Teamac Marine’s reputation has been built on. Teal and Mackrill was founded in 1908 to supply high quality ‘oils, varnishes and compositions’. Like most companies at this time their customers were from a radius of about 20 miles. Located in the port city of Hull demand for Teal & Mackrill’s marine coatings grew and before long over half the business’s turnover came from the various Hull docks. Vessels including fishing boats, freighters, leisure craft and even seaplanes. Word spread within the fishing community and Teal & Mackrill’s ‘Tough, tried and tested paints’ began to be sold as far away as the Orkney Isles. 

Customers shortened their name to Teamac and it stuck, the Teamac Marine brand and range of products were developed to focus on fishing, working boats and leisure vessels. During the second world war Hull’s modern fishing fleet and ports were commandeered by the Royal Navy and predominantly used for minesweeping. It’s safe to assume that Teal & Mackrill’s paints contributed to the war effort. When Hull’s fishing industry went into decline in the 1960s & ‘70s the company extended both its geographical reach and modified the product range to focus on leisure and working vessels. The company now supplies products from the Baltic in Europe to the Red Sea in the Gulf and is developing partnerships further afield.

Manufacturing takes place in Hull on a site occupied since 1913, however much of it would be unrecognizable to the original Mr Teal & Mr Mackrill. The company is now a third-generation family-owned business that continues to invest and improve. The factory was extended substantially in 2015 and a policy of continually updating process equipment allows paint to be manufactured to the highest standards. Teamac’s mission statement reflects their ambitions, stating that they will become a major supplier of marine and specialist paints internationally. There is now a separate European company to facilitate supply into the EU and a dedicated export team.The team of people working at Teamac come from a diverse range of backgrounds, trained chemists, colourists and engineers as well as experienced technical salespeople who understand their products and customers. What unites everyone at Teal & Mackrill are their shared values; trust, innovation, customer focus, professionalism, enthusiasm and people development. 

Teal & Mackrill are proud to hold ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 14001 (Environmental). They gained ISO 45001 (Health and Safety management) in 2022. Their commitment to manufacturing sustainably was recognised with British Coatings Federations’ Coatings Care Award-Best Overall performer. The range of marine paints now includes deck paints, bilge paints, marine gloss finishes and primer undercoats. The antifouling range is very effective and designed in compliance with UK and EU biocidal product regulations. For the toughest environments Teamac Marine’s high performance primers, glosses and varnishes are unbeatable and innovative products like ‘Galley Paint’ and ‘Marine Suregrip’ are only available from Teamac Marine.

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Words and images: Teamac Marine