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East Coast Gaffers featured boat: ‘Hussar’

In this first post to introduce our January 2024 featured boat, Vertue 21 ‘Hussar’, current owners, Ken and Carey share a video from 2008 and some photos from their workshop. Despite the Association name, do remember that the OGA welcomes classic Bermudans!

We found ‘Hussar’ in Faversham in 2005 and became boat owners for the first time, ignoring the advice to find a boat with bits of wood rather than all wood. The impact of boat owning started with stripping the underwater hull area and as time has passed, we have got to know her well, inside and out. She went into a shed to have her keel dropped, a six-month job, two years later she emerged and it was another year with the garboard re-caulked that she became a dry boat. In that time, we recaulked her hull completely, re-galvanised the floors, replaced bronze fittings . . . like many others will know, the list goes on.

As a result of posting this YouTube video of ‘Hussar’ in 2008 we heard that she had sailed to Spain, while Roger who owned her and kept her in Faversham sailed around the UK, meeting people who knew ‘Hussar’ from their childhood. We have also heard various stories about her, some better than others, but that’s the consequence of owning a well-known classic boat. Find out some of what we know about her history here.

We have sailed with ‘Hussar’ across the North Sea to Belgium and Holland, down to OGA50 at Cowes in company with fellow Vertue and skipper; ‘Maid of Tesa’ and Rob Williamson, who always leaves us standing. We have kept her in various places including Erith, Bridgemarsh, Maldon and now Bathside Bay in Harwich, enjoying the delights and challenges of sailing on the East Coast.

Words, video and photos: Ken and Carey