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OGA60 Jubilee East Coast Race: results and aerial video

Sponsored by Dartmouth Gin, the OGA60 Jubilee Race on Sunday 6 August, 2023 certainly exceeded expectations! The weather was challenging, forcing the Race Committee to set an inshore course. The results list is published below along with some excellent drone footage from Jeff Welch.

The Open Boat race did not start until later in the afternoon when the wind began to drop slightly. Only a few boats braved the start line and just two completed the race. Steve Mitchell, winning the race in his smacks boat ‘Joy’ commented: “It was lonely on the start line and a very wet race. I don’t even know the other boats, I know one retired and the other was possibly a Deben lugger. The race took place as other big boats were heading for their finish line. I met a few on my downwind leg.”